Further afield

The Hartland Peninsula is a wonderfully remote area to visit – it feels as

though you are right on the edge of our isles, and of course you are. It is part
of the wrecking coast, something you understand when you look at the rock
formations on the beach.

There is a good walk from Hartland Church, past Docton Mill and to Spekes Mill
Waterfall. The walk back to the Church can take you to the remote farmhouse
where they filmed Sense and Sensibility. The details of this walk are in the

The pub at Hartland Quay is old and is good for lunch. If it is a windy, winter day
it is worth going to watch the waves crash over the sea wall.

En route to Hartland, you can visit Fremington Quay for coffee, lunch or tea,
Clovelly and also Hartland Abbey in season.

You also pass the interesting gardens of xxxx which are good for several
reasons: they are pretty, the views are great, the lunches and cream teas
excellent. The house and owner (the eclectic Hector) were featured in the TV
series with Ruth Watson ‘Country House Rescue’. It was a rather memorable
episode. You can even meet the pig he called Ruth!

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